Hudson Valley Bichpoos

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Post February 13th

Both litters of pups have arrived! Maybel's pups were born on February 1st, and Opals on Febrary 6th. Both of our girls were mated with purebred poodles from an Amish farm in Lancaster PA. Maybel was mated with a miniature poodle and Opal with a toy. Both moms are doing great and the puppies are growing fast! We will continue to post pics of their development and growth.


Due to high demand, we have begun contacting our waiting list now. We are giving people on the list a day or two to respond first before opening up to everyone. If you would like to get on the waiting list, or have any questions please contact us by calling 610.577.5819 , emailing us , or messaging us on facebook

Bichpoo's are a desired breed of Bichon Frise and Mini-poodle.  They are hypoallergenic, non shedding, have great temperments, and make great therapy dogs...not to mention that they look like adorable little teddy bears! :)  All of our puppies are vet checked, and meet impecable breeding standards.

Our Puppies:


  • Are Vet Checked
  • Can trace lineage back four generations
  • Have great temperments
  • Make great therapy dogs
  • Are hypoallergenic
  • Do not shed
  • Are very intelligent 


Maybel's puppies (father was a miniature) from left to right in birth order:

Buzz, Beatrix, Bertram, Bob Ross, and Basil

Opal's puppies (father was a toy) from left to right in birth order:

Chloe, Clark, Clarence, and Clementine

Bob Ross - Adopted

Bertram - Adopted

Betrix - Adopted

Buzz - Adopted

Clarence - Adopted

Opal's Toy Puppies - 4+ weeks

Clementine - Adopted

Clark - Adopted

Chloe - Adopted

March 16th

All of the puppies from the spring litter have been reserved for adoption, but you can contact us to get on our list for the fall litters :)  You can contact us on our facebook , email us at , or give us a call at 610-577-5819.

July 25th

Announcment: Our Opal is expecting a litter of puppies in a few weeks. Our prices are based on uniquness of coat and market demand. Right now that price range is $3000-$4000. Updates coming soon :)

August 24th

Opal's puppies were born on August 5th! They are almost 3 weeks old now and doing great! We have started calling down our waitlist! Check back for updates! Pricing is according to the market and ranges from $3,000-4,000.

Three and a half weeks old and doing great! At this age they have little spurts of energy, but they still sleep a lot. :)


Due to high demand, we have begun contacting our waiting list now. We are giving people on the list a day or two to respond first before opening up to everyone. If you would like to get on the waiting list, or have any questions please contact us by calling 610.577.5819 , emailing us , or messaging us on facebook. Pricing is based upon gender and uniqueness of coat and the current market demand. 

February 24th

March 3rd

February 21, 2020

October 19th 2019

All of our puppies have been adopted! You can check back for more updates in the spring :) 

Or contact us to get on our waiting list!

February 12 ,2020

We are proud to introduce the newest litter of puppies from left to right: Flynn, Flash, Forest, Fran and Flo! 😍😍😍

September 30th 2019

Eli is the only one left available from our fall litters!

He has a beautiful apricot coat, which is desirable for his breed, and is very playful.  He is an F1b Bichpoo, which is the perfect mix to get that teddy bear look. He will get to be about 8-10lbs. He is hypoallergenic, has a great temperment and would make a great therepy dog. 

Contact us for more info!


Basil - Adopted

Maybel's Miniature Puppies - 5 weeks

August 26th 2019

Hello everyone! Sorry for the delay in our posts. I know many of you have been eagerly anticipating any news of new litters. You never know what to expect when you are waiting on puppies to come. Opal was unintentionally bred late in her heat cycle and only had one puppy available this time. We named her Darcy, and since she is the only child, she is a fat little ball of fur right now. lol We will post pictures very soon.
Maybel just had her puppies yesterday! All of them are doing great! We will post more info and pics of them 2 weeks.


September 11th 2019

Darcy, Eisenhower, Edison,Eli, and Eden say Hi!
Maybel’s pups were born on August 25, about 2&1/2 weeks after Opal had Darcy. We have been waiting to post pics until we could post them all together. Darcy is 5 weeks, full of energy, and ready to play! The others will develop a lot in the next three weeks. They are just starting to open their eyes and explore the world around them. 
We will start contacting our waiting list very soon!

And then there were three! There are three F1b Bichpoos left: Doc Holiday(boy-blue), Dorris Day (girl-pink) and Disco Stew (boy-red). These guys are 5 weeks old and can go home as early as December 18th. They are are hypoallergenic & none shedding with great temperaments and should get to around 9-12 lbs full-grown. Bichpoos, also known as Poochons, are a designer breed that combines Bichon Frisée with Mini-Poodles to get a perfect teddy bear look. They are friendly, intelligent and do not bark incessantly. We are located in Montgomery NY 12549. Message us for more info!

For more frequent updates, please checkout our Facebook page here.  It is a lot easier to update than our website. Thanks!

September 26th

We don't update our website as much as our Facebook page because its harder to do, but we just wanted to highlight Opals litter of F1b Bichpoo pups.  They are going home at the end of this week, and their cuteness is off the charts!

May 17th, 2023

November 29th, 2023

May 11th 2023

We are thrilled to introduce Lucy’s F2 Mini-Bernedoodle puppies: Zelda (already adopted), Zendaya, Zorro, Zack Morris, and Zanie Zane. These puppies have great temperaments and make perfect family dogs. They should get to around 25lbs full grown give or take. They are four weeks old and can go home as soon as Memorial Day, May 29th. All of our puppies are socialized and vet checked with their first round of shots. Message or call us at 610-577-5819 for more info!

Isla's litter of F1b Bichpoo pups are 3 weeks and doing great! We have an extensive waitlist for these guys that we will begin calling down today. Check out our Facebook page for any updates as well.

June 6th 2022

Lucy’s F1b Mini-Bernedoodle pups are almost 5 weeks old and growing fast! As of right now Ronaldo, Rosie the Riveter, and Rocky Balboa are adopted. All the rest are still available. They should get to between 20-30lbs full grown. This litter has some phenomenal coats. They have great temperaments, love people, are very smart and easily trainable. They will be ready to go home on June 26th when they turn eight weeks. We are located in Montgomery NY. Give us a call or text for more info

January 4th 2023

We don't update our website as much as our Facebook page so this update is overdue! Lucy had a litter of puppies back in October. They have all been adopted except for this cute guy. We named him Voldemort:)  He is an F1b Mini-Bernedoodle, and should get to around 30lbs full grown. He is 10 weeks old, and can go home at any time. He has already had his first round of shots and preventative dewormer. He also was examined by a licensed vet and given a clean bill of health.  Call us if you are interested or send us an email!

March 9th 2022

July 14th

Update: As of July 14th, all of Lucy's Bernedoodle pups and Maybel's Bichpoo pups have been adopted. We do hope for future litters, but that is all dependant on what the good Lord blesses us with. If you are interested in getting on our waitlist, just call or text us at 610-577-5819. We update our Facebook page much more frequently so if there are no new pics on here, check there. Thanks

Luke is the only purebred Toy Poodle left from Ruby's litter. He is almost 9 weeks old and can go home at anytime. He has had his first round of shots and has been examined by our local vet who has issued a letter certifying that he is in good health. He should be between 7-10 lbs full grown. Call, text, or message us for more info.

We are very excited to introduce Lucy's F2, Mini Bernedoodle pups 😍♥️♥️:

Miranda Sings, Micheal Jordan, Mary Poppins, Myla Sue, Marco Polo, Manny Pacquiao, Micheal Scott, Mr. Beast, Mike Wazowski, Mario, & Mufasa!!

They are three weeks old and doing great! They should be between 20-30 lbs full grown and could possibly be ready to go home by Christmas! This designer breed combines two well mannered and loving dog breeds: the Bernese Mountain Dog with its friendly and playful disposition, and the Poodle with its intelligence and high trainability. This is Lucy's second litter so you can see some pics of her pups as they have grown from our previous posts. Message us for more info and check our Facebook page as they will grow so fast over the next few weeks 😀

December 23rd

The only puppies left from Lucy's litter are Mike Wazowski, Marco Polo, and Mr. Beast. You can see more videos and pics on our facebook page.  These are F2 Mini-Bernedoodles. We look for them to get to be around 20-30lbs full grown. All of our pups go home with their first round of shots, a preventative dewormer, and a letter from our vet certifying that they are in good health.  We also give a standard one year health guarantee. Call us or message us for more info.

November 25th

September 3rd , 2020

Opal's pups are four weeks and starting to explore the world! We are currently calling through our waitlist :)

September 9th

We are excited to announce that Ruby had a litter of 3 purebred toy poodles. Harrison, Han, and Hazel are 3 weeks old tomorrow and are doing great! We have not announced them till now and have no waitlist for them since they are not Bichpoos. Our Bichpoos are F1b, which means that they are 75% miniature red poodle and 25% Bichon Frise'. These three pups are 100% poodle and we look for them to be in the "toy" range, or about 6-10 lbs full grown. They are completely hypoallergenic, and make great therapy dogs.  Pricing ranges from $3,500 - $4,000


At 5 & 1/2 weeks Han and Harrison are growing up fast! They are pure-bred toy poodle pups and are looking for their forever homes. We do not have a waitlist for them so they are available to be reserved for adoption right now! Their sister Hazel has already been taken! Cost is based on the market and uniqueness of coat. Each of them is $3,500  They will get to between 6-10 lbs, and make great therepy dogs. Message us for more info!

January 20 2021

Hi everyone! We are getting calls and messages every day so we figured we should give an update. Right now we don't have any litters available. We are hoping for one in April or May. We do have a wait-list but its doubtful that any pups from the next litter will be available because of all the names on it. Look for updates in a few months. Thanks!

June 8 2021

It's been too long since we have updated our website! Sorry for the delay! We update our Facebook page much more frequently since that is easier to do. Right now we have three litters of puppies in our house! Our Bernedoodle Lucy had 7 puppies that are now almost 5 weeks old and four of them are still available! Maybel our bichpoo had a litter of four pups and only one of them, (a boy, Kevin James) is still available. We are still calling through our waitlist, and I doubt we will make it all the way through before he is adopted. Our toy poodle Ruby had a litter of three purebred toy poodles. All of those are available right now! See pics and videos below, and look for updates in the near future. Contact us for more info and pricing:)


September 17th

Opal's pups are six weeks and Ruby's pups are four! Time flies! We have been calling through our waitlist and Opal's pups are almost all adopted. Ruby's pups (pure bred toy poodles) do not have a waitlist and there are two still available. They are $3,500 each. Contact us for more info!

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